Anneleen Meylaerts




+32 89 32 23 00


Anneleen Meylaerts, Master of Laws, (°1979, Leuven) obtained her Law degree at the Catholic University of Leuven in 2004. During her studies she already developed an interest in private and family law. She followed specific practical seminars and optional subjects to learn more about this branch of law.

After obtaining her degree she began her internship at a medium-sized law firm in Limburg.

During her first years of internship her training was general. Later she focused on liability and insurance law, including medical liability law.

In 2010, Anneleen Meylaerts, Master of Laws, joined Adlex Advocaten. She was given the opportunity to grow and became a partner on the 1st of January 2016.

In the office she chiefly handles private and family law cases, such as divorces, visiting rights, co-parenthood, inheritances, gifts, inheritance planning. Contract law and liability law hold no secrets for her either.

In 2015 she obtained a Master after Master of Laws in Notary Law at the Free University of Brussels.

And since 2011, Anneleen Meylaerts, Master of Laws, has been a lecturer at Syntra Limburg. She teaches the law module for the estate agent's course a couple of evenings a week.

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