Mathieu Cilissen




+32 89 32 23 00


Mr. Mathieu Cilissen (1960 Genk) specialises in construction and administrative law.

After attending grammar school (Greek-Latin at the Sint Jan Berchmanscollege in Genk), he graduated as a Bachelor of Law at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

Mathieu Cilissen has been part of the former Gilkens-Panis association, which developed into the current Adlex team, since 1992.

In addition to his work as a lawyer and involvement in professional associations in the construction sector, he has been active in various school courses and associations.

He is a former teacher (general, social and employment law) at the Katholieke Hogeschool voor Verpleegkunde (Catholic Nursing School) and still gives courses within Syntra (contracting law and business law).

He is a former member and chairman of the Jonger Kamer Genk (Jaycees) as well as chairman of the Kiwanis Genk 'De Heimaaer', where he is still a member.

As a sport and, more specifically, football enthusiast, Mathieu Cilissen has been a member of the General Assembly of the KRC GENK football club, where he has been part of the Board since 2009.

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