Caroline Van Heers




+32 89 46 15 62


Caroline Van Heers (b. 1992, Bilzen, Belgium) graduated from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven with a Bachelor’s in Law in 2015. She then completed her Master’s degree at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2017, where she mainly focused on criminal law, tax law, and company law. That same year, she joined the Antwerp Bar and one year later she joined the Limburg Bar.

Because of her interest in tax law, Caroline Van Heers, wrote her Master’s thesis on the capital gains on real estate, in which she also conducted a comparative law study on capital gains on real estate in the Netherlands, France, and England.

During her studies, Caroline Van Heers is also active in the Rotaract Genk until 2017.

Since April 2019, Caroline Van Heers has been a member of Adlex Advocaten, where she is following general training, with her preferred subjects being criminal law, company law, and tax law.

In the meantime, Caroline Van Heers is also attending a two-year course at the Fiscale Hogeschool in Brussels to delve deeper into fiscal sciences.

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