Fees and rates

Adlex uses €135/hour as the basic hourly rate. The rate is set with you in advance according to the nature and importance of the file and whether or not it is urgent.


Fees remunerate the actual work of a lawyer, independently of costs that arise from his activities. Fees encompass tasks such as reviewing the claim, consultations and advice, setting up procedural documents, meetings or decisions, any useful transfers in the claim, legal searches, pleas and the exchange of correspondence.
Financial agreements are laid down in a fee contract, at the beginning of the project. Retaining fees may be demanded upon receipt of the file. Interim invoices may also be drawn up if the claim is substantial. When a case is closed, a statement of costs and fees will be provided to the client.

NB: From 1 January 2014, there will be 21% VAT on lawyers' fees.

During the budget checks of July 2013, the Di Rupo federal government decided that lawyers' fees would be subjected to 21% VAT as of 01 January 2014.
The charge affects both private clients and businesses. Businesses can claim back the VAT afterwards, but private clients cannot.
The VAT is applied to fees, but not to costs such as registration fees, bailiff fees, inspection charges, translation costs, etc.

Hourly rate
The rate is set in advance in consultation with you, on the basis of the nature, significance and urgency (or not) of the case at hand. We also offer subscription arrangements. This type of subscription arrangement is a 'comprehensive policy' where an amount is invoiced each month for an extensive range of services. In actual fact, we function as your internal business legal expert.

Fixed amount

  • Costs

In addition to the fees, there are also costs. These serve to reimburse actual costs and advance fees such as copying, travel, court costs (including registration fees, court registry fees, issuing judgements), all transcripts and excerpts.

Costs will be applied as follows:

opening the file


typing per page


costs per outgoing email


photocopies and printing per page


colours per page


travel per km


supplementary costs, translation etc.

actual cost

  • Bailiff's costs

The bailiff costs will be paid directly by the client to the court bailiff, who will draw up an invoice.

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